Wishlist July 2017: Island Getaway

Wishlist July 2017: Island Getaway

Temperatures are rising, summer is on its way.. it’s time for a little island getaway! Let’s hit the road, along a tropical coast, to find quiet beaches hidden in beautiful bays. Gosh, I’ve such a big imagination! But if only I could.. Altough, I have not much to complain about. Summer in coastal city Varna, Bulgaria is amazing as well. It might not be a tropical island, but it feels home and I love it. Living nearby the sea is something I’ve always wanted and now that I do, I can’t say anything but good things. The seaside atmosphere, the beach culture, the sound of seagulls: it’s all year ’round, all so relaxing. It’s only a five kilometre walk from our apartment to the beach, and quite often we go for out for a beach walk or few hours of sunbathing. Although five kilometer is not much at all, I wish I could stay even closer to the beach. And yet, on a tropical island. To live a jet set lifestyle or just for a little relaxing holiday. Whit whatever purpose I’ll go, I’ll do it in style!

Both cute bikinis are from River Island and I absolutely adore them! I always really like River Island’s swimwear collections and the brand is really affordable as well. I also absolutely love this round beach towel from The Beach People. It’s available at nordstrom.com for €99.00 euro. I think it’s quite expensive, but having something on my wishlist doesn’t necessarily mean I ll also purchase it, right? Something I actually do want to purchase however is the Tarteguard Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 Sunscreen from Tarte. It’s a bit above my budget, but I’m very curious about this product. Of course I don’t wear make-up whenever I go to the beach, but I always feel so ‘naked’. And since sunscreen quite often leaves you sticky and greasy, I’ve always wish for some product that would be a combination of foundation and sunscreen. Quite by accident I came across this vegan friendly brand that actually offers my wishing wish.

What’s on your wishlist this month?

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Grey Pretty Straw Fedora Hat | €38.00 Miss Selfridge // Cat-eye acetate sunglasses | €305.00 Victoria Beckham // Tarteguard Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 Sunscreen | €33.00 Tarte // Black floral Bikini| €22.00 – €30.00 River Island | ‘Dream Time’ Round Beach Towel| €99.00 The Beach People // Ibiza Tote| €135.00 mar Y sol // Blue and nude lace bikini| €17.00 – €30.00 River Island // Slim Crystal Rubber Flip Flops| €35.00 mar Havaianas // Printed headband| €8.00 Mango

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