Urban Romance: the reasons why I love Istanbul

A collection of urban romance: the reasons why I love Istanbul. A magical city that unites two continents, and where East and West meet. All the photos are taken from my phone, which explain the city its magic even more if you ask me. If you like, you can scroll to the right to see more photos.

Istanbul is a traditional and Islamic yet modern and Western city full of magic and mystery. You’ll find so many different people, religions and cultures, all living together. It’s a breathtaking beautiful, interesting, diverse, gorgeous, magnificent, dark, infected and complicated city, all at the very same time. It’s chaos, madness and a pure mess. Traffic jams until way after midnight are rather rule then exception, breathtaking silhouettes are damn beautiful. In Istanbul you will find traditional tea houses and some of world’s largest clubs. You’ll find some of the largest shopping malls in Europe and even from the world, but also craftsmanship like sewers and shoemakers are still to be found in this metropolitan. Business districts full of skyscrapers and colourful neighbourhoods filled with hip art galleries, boutiques and cafés: this city is versatile, fascinating and incredibly beautiful.

This city is Istanbul, my love, my home
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