Profanity: Turkish swear words, curse words and insults

Profanity is a topic that usually doesn’t come up when learning a new language at an official institution, nor while learning our native language. Yet even toddlers know some naughty words.. even though they might not know the meaning of them. Strange isn’t it? Well.. you can’t deny that swear words are a significant part of human communication. This language has an important survival purpose that actually serve several distinct functions. I won’t bother you with the science behind it, but let me just say that it’s always a good idea to be aware of what’s insulting and offensive in another language. The other day one of my friends came to visit me at home and for some weird reason two guys thought it was okay for them to follow her all the way up until my front-door. My friend entered afraid and scared, telling me that there were two guys in front of the door saying that they lived inside my apartment. She asked me to take a look. Luckily we have a safety lock which I immediately locked before I opened the door. However, the two guys kept on pushing and didn’t mind our safety lock at all. They kept telling me to let them in so they could “meet with us”. It was very unpleasant as you can imagine and the only reason they left was because I started to scream, curse, swear and yell at them very loud. I used some very bad words and even threatened them. Probably it was just the noise that made them leave (we have quite a lot neighbours), but I was more than happy that I was able to curse. By no means I write this article so you can randomly insult people, but I think it’s important to understand the intentions of others and to be able to use some swear words in situations where you might actually need it. Because sometimes just can’t get by without a few well chosen swear words. So today I’ll share a few common, useful Turkish swear words, curse words and insults with you.

Siktir git – Fuck off.

Orospu – Bitch.

Orospu çocuğu – Son of a bitch.

Manyak – Maniac.

Terbiyesiz – Brash or ill-mannered.

Kes sesini – Shut up.
Domuz – Pig.

Allah kahretsin – God damn you.

Şerefsiz – I can’t really translate this, but it’s an offensive word for a dishonourable, debased person.

Hıyar – Cucumber (used for cock, dickhead, etc).

Mal – Idiot.

Geber – Die.

Hayvan – Animal (offensive word for someone who behaves inhuman).

It – Offensive word to call someone a dog.

Piç – Bastard.

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