Ten Strange things that annoy me!

I preach about gratefulness, living in the moment and not sweating the small stuff, but at the same time I’m at detail freak and I get annoyed by the most unimportant things. Mostly silly things that seem dumb but annoy the crap out of me! In no particular order of importance the ten most annoying things I get upset with.

Ten Strange things that annoy me!

1.When people walk slowly in front of me on the sidewalk (and I can’t pass them). I walk kinda slow myself so if I’m annoyed by other people, they are really slow. And I must admit that it happens quite a lot.

2.Toilet paper that dispenses from underneath the roll rather than from the top is absolutely one of the most annoying things ever. In restrooms where I find this outrage, I feel the need to change the orientation of the roll. And so I usually do..

3.Things that are crooked drives me insane. I just can’t help it, but either if it’s in someone else’s house or in a store, I straighten everything.

4.People not treating books with respect, such as turning the pages carelessly, turning down the corner of a page to mark their place, placing coffee on top of it or even write in it. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?

5.There’s a certain way to fold towels neatly and evenly, not only to keep order but also for a better fitting. I cannot, just really cannot stand it when you’re to lazy to fold towels properly. If you fold it properly, you don’t even have to refold or fuss.

6.When something in a shop doesn’t have a price-tag.

7.I don’t like it when people wear stinky perfume or cologne, it’s makes me seriously sick and want to leave the building.

8.It kills me to see that some people haven’t figured out how to turn off the lights. Or unplug the the power. Or turn or the tv.

9.When people don’t close the doors of cupboards. Really: WHY?

10. I do get annoyed when things are a mess and people don’t clean up after themselves. Even though I’m very good at making a mess myself.

What strange thing annoys you the most?

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