Sunglasses Summer 2016

Sunglasses 2016

I’m growing a garden of sunglasses. Okay, that might be not totally true, but I would love too! Sunglasses are just really important for me and I wear them all year ’round because if I don`t wear them and the light is too bright, I end up with a horrendous headache. And besides that, where most women have an obsession with handbags or shoes, I’m also totally obsessed with sunglasses. I think sunglasses are a necessary accessory for any woman. Sunglasses are not only very useful but also make an outfit. If only I could afford every pair that I fall in love with.. I won’t lie, it happens quite a lot. So with summer coming up I thought it would be nice to share the Sunglasses Summer 2016 I have an eye on at the moment. I’m not really into weird ones though. I prefer nice, classic shades with a little twist. What is your favourite?

Tom Ford Sonja Sunglasses Black FT0185 | Tom Ford | Stella McCartney Classic Tortoise Oversized Square Sunglasses | Stella McCartney | Marc Jacobs MJ 589/S 647/HD Sunglasses | Marc Jacobs | Ray-Ban RB3447 Round Sunglasses | Ray Ban | Stella McCartney White Havaiana Cat Eye Sunglasses | Stella McCartney | Oscar de la Renta Laser-Cut Acetate Hectagon Sunglasses With Metal Inlay | Oscar de la Renta | Stella McCartney Oversize Gradient Lens Sunglasses | Stella McCartney | Marc Jacobs MJ 27/S TWEHL Blue Acetate Square Oversized Sunglasses | Marc Jacobs | Prada Rounded Cat Eye Sunglasses | Prada | Tom Ford Ft0390 80b 59 Purple Butterfly Sunglasses | Tom Ford | Chanel Oval Pearl | Chanel

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