Take a peek inside my apartment in Istanbul through these photos

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Take a peek inside my apartment in Istanbul through these photos. Before we moved here, we have been living in Nevzat’s old place. Now wasn’t it all pizza boxes and empty beer cans, but it was close to that and definitely not a place to feel at home, neither did it feel cosy. So when we first moved here, I sold quite a few of Nevzat’s old furniture pieces and made sure I had free hand in designing our new place. It was one of the most challenging things I’ve done in this country, since it seemed impossible to find nice furniture and decoration that were affordable, wasn’t red and also without glitters and rhinestones. The photos above ar a bit elder, but our whole apartment still looks quite the same, only some decoration has been changed. By choosing neutral and timeless furniture it is easy to change the decoration and feel as if you just got a whole new living room. I ended up buying most of our furniture at Ikea and most of the decoration I brought from the Netherlands. Some items are gifts from family and friends and a few pieces from our old appartement. Our living room is quite small, so it was not easy to design. I wanted it to feel cosy, bright and appear bigger. For thus we only have the necessary furniture and no dining table for example. I am a massive fan of white, but I also wanted some pops of color. The same goes actually for the whole appartement. We don’t have any wardrobe, but both in the guest room and in our bedroom we have clothing racks as you see in clothing stores. This way it won’t get messy because you do not have the opportunity to throw everything in your closet. Besides that I really love the look of it. Though, I do not feel comfortable showing our own bedroom so you’ll have to imagine it. It might not be to everyone’s cup of tea, but I really love our apartment considering the circumstances. My favorite space is definitely the corridor, it was even the reason why I felt in love with this place. It’s long and huge and really part of our daily live. The only thing I still get annoyed by it our kitchen, it is not only small but also very weird shaped and inconvenient. Ah well, that’s Turkish style.

What does your home look like?

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