Winter really kicks in: fireplaces inspiration

It might be cold in December, but January is the month that winter really kicks in. And I guess that I might have gotten used to the winters of Turkey which are a lot milder than here. January can be a bit of a downer, especially after the holidays. With this frigid temperatures I feel like I’m forced to stay inside and I`m longing for cosiness. What about hot chocolate, warm blankets and a fireplace. To me it seems delightful to sit in front of a fireplace, wearing pyjamas and to do nothing all day. Or maybe just roast marshmallows and enjoy a glass of red wine as the snow falls outside. And also during the summer a fireplace can be a nice and cosy. It’s a perfect place to gather around with friends during a long and hot summer night. When it cools down in the evening, you can warm up next to the fireplace amd enjoy your time with a good glass of wine and a thin blanket, just for the cosiness. I’ve been gathering together my favourite fireplaces for a while now, because I really love them just so much. I even wrote a post about modern fireplaces in Dutch, back in 2015 already. But now that winter really kicks in, I thought it might be time to share my best fireplaces inspiration with you again. Because well, we can all use some warmth during this cold days..

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