Hotel Luxury at home with bed sheets from Marc O’Polo

When I received a voucher for the webshop Essenza Home back in december I was most exited to place an order because we all know how much I love everything that is related to interior. I haven`t written a review about the webshop though, because well, let`s just say that I was not pleased that much at all about the way the website works, neither about their service and I like to keep my blog a little happy place on the internet where I only write about the things that I`m really positive about. Though, I also wanted to let you know that I really disliked this webshop without spending a whole article on it. So, that’s that. Even though I didn’t like the webshop itself so much, it did really like my new decoration pillow, plaid and bed sheets from Marc O’Polo that I have ordered. In fact I must say that I’m kinda in love with them. Like, seriously. I thought it was a bit ridiculous to put such expensive bed sheets on ones bed, but now I don`t want to change them at all anymore, because they are just so comfortable. It’s causing me serious problems to get out of bed as well. It really feels like hotel luxury! But besides those luxury problems I also really like Marc O’Polo its urban style so much and I wish I could decorate my home with a few more items of this Swedish-German label. Because it’s all just so beautiful. So I just wanted to share some more items with you!


Marc O’Polo

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