Let’s spend this summer at Sicily with the Dolce & Gabbana Sicily Eau de Parfum

Dolce & Gabbana Sicily Eau de Parfum is the perfect scent to spend this summer at Sicily with. Or maybe.. just spend the summer with if you’re, like me, not lucky enough to buy a ticket to Italy. The perfume was introduced back in 2003 and developed by perfumer Nathalie Lorson. It’s an oriental floral scent that’s feminine and spicy, and like its name reminds you already, also very summery. But it’s also quite strong of a perfume and one of those scents you either love or hate. I, obliviously love it. Unfortunately this perfume is discontinued, but on eBay and Amazon you can still find a bottle of this unique scent. And for the Dutch readers between us: at bol.com there’s still a 50 ml version of Sicily available, but please don’t freak out when you see the price..

The Eau de Parfum is feminine and tropical, soft and sweet, and with very soapy accents. It’s a very unique scent that somehow reminds me of a banana flavoured milkshake. This oriental scent is quite warm powdery. The romantic top notes are tropical with Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom, Banana and Sicilian Bergamots. The heart changes the scent with flowery notes such as Nutmeg, Absolute jasmine, Black Pearl rose, Hibiscus and Hyacint. The dry down consist out of Sandalwood, Musk and Heliotrope and gives Sicily a somewhat powdery and woody finish.

I find this perfume very unique, refined and tropical with summery notes of blossom. Yet it’s warm, woody and spicy with an oriental touch. It’s wonderful blended and brings me back to memories of Italian summers during my childhood with the olive.- and lemon groves around. Especially the banana, which is not used in much other perfumes, gives Sicily a delicious and tropical opening. The scent is also very flowery, but not in a predictable way and contains quite some woody and nutty undertones. Apart from the instant glamour, the aldehydes combined with the floral notes in Sicily, give a fine effect of a warm and sensual skin and instantly remind of classic Chanel N°5. This is brilliance in a bottle, very elegant and irresistible.  A little goes a long way, just a couple of sprays will last all night (6-10 hours). Since it’s quite a heavy perfume, I would say that is very nice to wear during summer evenings, and perfect for any night out or on special occasions, or daytime during fall and winter.

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