The most beautiful patio ideas for your garden

I know I say this quite a lot, but I really do miss being outdoors. Istanbul is a jam-packed city and we do not have a lot of open, green spaces. Our appartement is in the middle of the city, where street are narrow and I don’t know anyone who has a garden or even a big balcony. Every time around this time of the year I start to wish that we could leave this massive city and move to a small Island to live in peace with the nature. I won’t be actually able to do that tough, because I’m definitely a city person and I would probably get bored within two weeks. Though, it would be nice to be surrounded by a bit more green. I would love to own a place where I could actually sit outside and enjoy some fresh air. I wouldn’t really want to have a big garden, but a backyard with a small patio would be just more than perfect. This are the most beautiful beautiful patio ideas for your garden, for if you, just like me, would like`d to have a gorgeous little place to escape away..

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