Wishlist September 2016: I need an Island. And I need it fast

Wishlist August 2016

Wishlist September 2016: I need an Island. And I need it fast.

I need an island
And I need it fast.
Some little island
Is all I ask.

-Chevelle ‘An Island’

I think this speaks for itself, haha. It’s extremely hot and all I can think of is a tropical island. Although a beach with a calm sea will also do. As long as I can cool off in the water I’m fine with anything. A kids’ swimming pool will also be more than fine at this moment! But of course I’ll prefer a relaxing holiday. I came across those round towels on the internet and I absolutely love them. Both of the round towels I putted on my wishlist are from Nordstrom, but if you just google them you can find them anywhere. I also felt in love with the princess Havaianas. I didn’t even know that they exist, but not that I do know I need to have them. They are awesome! I especially like the quotes on them.

What is on your wishlist this month?

‘Hypnotize’ Print Round Beach Towel | $45.00 Nordstrom | Soleil ‘Stardial’ Round Beach Towel | $99.00 Nordstrom | Havaianas Slim Princesas | $30 Havaianas

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