About the Girl

Travel Blogger

My wanderlust will never be satisfied.

Oh, and I wish to be a mermaid.


My name is Nena and I am the travel blogger behind Bohalista. I am a wanderer, a dreamer, and also a little bit crazy. Okay, just to clarify: I am totally nuts. Some may even wonder if I am from another planet, but no worries. My personality can best be described as complex. However, I would call it unpredictability myself. That’s because I am a free spirit and therefore I don’t like to be limited or constrained.

Dull repetitive routines bore me to death and I also hate the idea of just doing the same thing every single day. My interests are very diverse as well. I have a rebellious side and also a big imagination. However, I am better at dreaming up ideas rather than putting them into practice. I love to discuss politics and for example humanitarian principles. But I also have a love for fashion, skincare, and anything interior related. 

Life is just better with music and I certainly could not live without it. Further, I am a sponge for new knowledge and always on the hunt for new ideas. Wickedly sarcastic also suits me very well, something that comes so naturally that I don’t even realize it half the time.

A bad habit of mine is overthinking things way more than I should. I can be over-analyzing things to the point where I feel incredibly stressed and anxious. But, it’s only to realize later that it wasn’t even that big of a deal in the first place.


I have lived in Italy, Turkey, and Bulgaria. But now I am based in the Netherlands; the country where I am made in 1989. However, it might be my biggest wish to live on an island. That is because I am in love with the ocean. There is just nothing else that can make me happier than the feeling of sand between my toes, sun on my nose, salt in my hair, and a little breeze in the air.

Childhood is when the basic elements of our identity are put into the place; who are we and where we belong to. For example, the sea was strongly present in my youth, as well in the countries I have lived as an expat. I just have always lived near the water. And as a result, I would immediately answer ‘somewhere on a beach’ if someone would ask me my favorite place on earth.

It’s because the ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul in short. But above all, I feel comfortable and my purest self at sea. It is part of my identity but above all, it is part of my answer to the question ’where I belong to’.

As a result, you can imagine I am having serious troubles handling all the rain and the dark cold winters in the Netherlands. I think that I am just not made for it and therefore I will hopefully be moving abroad someday again. But this time it might be to an island for real.


I love to be a travel blogger more than anything in the world. Not only do it because of the mental stimulation, but I also crave the rich and varied experiences that travel has to offer. I am a free thinker, have a very open mind and if I could, I would be a gypsy for sure. Maybe because it’s in my blood. After all; I have roots in seven different countries anyway. And on top of that, I have a Turkish partner, who I met in Istanbul.

My wanderlust will never be satisfied and therefore my list of countries that I want to visit is only growing. I am not a crowd follower but like to be unique and rebellious. The world is so beautiful and has so much to offer! Travel is life-changing and makes everybody a better human, in every kind of way. It’s a perfect way to escape and reflect on your daily life, but also a way to enrich yourself with lessons you can not learn from books.

Because if you travel and discover the world, you learn a lot of new things, meet quite some new people and will become more social, more positive, smarter, stronger, open-minded and especially so much richer. Richer in terms of memories and life experiences. And as a result of all those experiences, all those beautiful moments, and all those special stories you hear, you will change forever.



“I know nothing of borders and care nothing for rules or customs”.

  • I practice yoga almost every day to be more mindful of the craziness of life
  • I’m in love with the ocean and feel a spiritual, meditative tie with it
  • I lose cups of coffee on a regular basis, everywhere
  • I’m a super good swimmer and got quite some certificates
  • I want to volunteer in the jungle of Borneo sometime
  • I love anything interior related and wish it somehow was my profession


The world provides us with so much colorful and tasteful nourishment. It basically gives us everything that we need. That’s why I prefer vegan and organic food, and if it’s possible I buy directly from the farmers that grew it. Visiting local grocery stores and farmers’ markets is one of my favorite things to do when I travel. Not only because I often discover fruits and vegetables I have never seen before, but also because these outlets are a window into another country’s way of life. And of course, I love to explore, discover, and taste local foods and drinks; from tiny vegan bistros to ethical fine dining. Because food not only provides nourishment but simply makes life simply more enjoyable!


Nature is not an incredible wonder that underpins our existence. We are indeed part of it. Our forests, rivers, oceans, and soils provide us with everything that we need to be alive, survive, and thrive. Being in nature helps you an understanding of the cycle of life and how each creation connects with the other. And I wish we would take more care of our earth. Personally, I love to be outdoors. It makes me feel happy and satisfied. Spending time in nature helps me to relax, find balance, and gives me peace of mind. The experience of silence and stillness makes me feel connected. But it also makes me feel alive and reminds me that life is so beautiful and precious.


Coming from a family that has been working with animals for generations, I was lucky enough to be growing up around pets. They were great friends and taught me to speak a language beyond words. I really feel like I have benefited from their company and it made me love animals so much. In fact, I love animals even more than I love people.  That’s why I like to encounter wildlife while traveling. I think it’s important to make a connection with these beautiful creatures that often suffer for human pleasure. Because animals are part of the brilliance of nature and therefore also of us. And there’s so much to learn from them to become better species ourselves.


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