About the girl

She is a 29 years young girl named Nena. She is a wanderer, a dreamer, a coffee and wifi addicted and a little bit crazy. She lived in Italy (her great love), Turkey, and Bulgaria. But now she is based in the Netherlands; the country where she is made. Her only wish in life is to travel the world and she loves to take you with her to the most beautiful places on earth whenever possible. She gets enthusiast of all kind of things and loves to share her views on diverse topics she feels passionate about, keeps you informed of the latest news that makes life a bit happier, shares the best hotspots to enjoy life and now and then she even comes up with a delicious recipe.

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About the site

Bohalista was realized in October 2013, as a personal site of Nena. At first, she started the blog with the idea that she had to be some form of fabulous personality to succeed in what she wanted to do, but now realizes that life isn’t all “rainbows and unicorns” and doesn’t have to be perfect all the time. So, now she just tries to be her own crazy self including all the good and bad. With Bohalista she wants to inspire and spread a bit of happiness. English isn’t her native language, so please be indulgent if you see any mistakes in her English posts (depending on the subject and/or her mood, she also writes in Dutch). We think it’s very nice to hear from you, but negative, provoking and vile comments will be removed immediately from the website.

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