Picture Monday #39 April

Laptop Reset
I didn’t write a Picture Monday last week because my laptop decided to give up on me once again. I’ve had quite some problems with this laptop the last few months and I’m really fed up with it. The repairer said all its problems can be fixed, but it will cost me nearly as much money as a new laptop if I would be it in the Netherlands and I will have a Turkish keyboard which I’m not used to. I’m going to ask if it’s possible in the Netherlands to repair it and see if it’s worth it. I might actually prefer to buy a new one to prefer future problems since I need my laptop for work and stuff.

Electricity Istanbul
Beside laptop problems we also had electricity problems once again. I mean twice again. Or thrice.. I lost count, but it`s freaking annoying. You literally can’t do anything without electricity and I can’t understand why nobody is freaking out in this city. Instead everyone just goes outside to drink a cup of tea, because that’s the Turkish way of solving problems.

Mecidiyekoy Bomba

Terreur Istanbul Bom

Istanbul Bomb
Okay power cuts might not really be first world problems. We had a explosion in our neighbourhood last week. I’ve seen nothing in the news about it and it’s not the only accident we didn’t hear about in Western Media. Probably because this kind of things happen all the time here and is not important enough with ‘only’ tree injured. The fact that it was just 1 kilometre from my home and I didn’t freak out scares me. We are seriously getting used to refugees, bombings, treats and other shit. Though not being scared and getting used to things doesn’t mean that we are not stressed. We’ve become on-edge and worry is palpable. It’s actually really sad.

Security Istanbul Ataturk Airport
Luckily we’ve a lot security everywhere. I tried to make a sneaky picture of the police at the airport because they had really big guns, but I kinda failed at it.

Istanbul Ataturk Airport
Look at them going away. Usually I kinda get jealous when I’m at the airport without the pleasure to fly somewhere myself. But I wasn’t this time because I’ll go to the Netherlands myself this week. I’m really looking forward to it!

Refugees Istanbul Turkey
And look at them without any place to go. It’s heartbreaking to see refugees at the corner of any street. Especially the children who ae playing with nothing more than there siblings, an empty box or the air.

Helikopters Turkije
For a few days we had a lot helicopters circling above the city. A lot of people were worried, but it was due the safety of a lot important people like the king of Saudi Arabia who were in the city for the Islam conference that held place.

Police Rapport
I got a letter from the police that I needed to pick up at the major. They dismissed the case and I won’t be sued for throwing water into someone’s face. I didn’t expect anything else, but I was still very happy about this news.

Istanbul Bridge

Istanbul Europe Asia
This city is so damn beautiful.

Wolkenkrabber Istanbul Turkije
And yet they manage to build so many ugly building to ruining the streetscape. I mean, isn’t this just unsightly?

Taxes Turkey

Turkey Taxes
I needed to pay my taxes which meant I had to wait for over two hours at the tax office to hand in my papers and do the actual payment in just two minutes. Just get a freaking system to pay online already. Grr.

Residence Permit Turkey

Turkey Residence Permit

Turkish Residence Permit
I also had my appointment to apply for a new residence permit. Beside the fact that there were only four people working and twenty people with an appointment at the same time, everything went so easy that now I’m afraid I will never receive it. The rules to apply have clearly changed a lot and I was’t even aloud to bring Nevzat in with me. I heard they also hold interview sometimes, but luckily they didn’t do that with me. One of my friends also needs to apply so he asked me to help him. We spend the whole evening figuring out what to do because once again everything has changed. Once we could enter the system, we spent a few hours of answering questions only to find out we couldn’t continue because he didn’t has his insurance with him. Their system is just great. Really great. Not. Anyway I’ll keep you updated in case something goes wrong with my application or if I miraculously receive my residence permit.

Horse Istanbul
An ordinary day in an ordinary city..

Horse and carriage are even that normal in this metropolis we have signs like this in the middle of the city.

Hi there.

Istanbul Market

Istanbul Pazar

Market Istanbul

Pazar Istanbul

Every Sunday we have a big market in our neighbourhood. I don’t go very often, but when I go I always enjoy it so much. Not only is the offer of fresh vegetables and fruits amazing, it also reminds me of how much I love this country.


Streetcat Istanbul

Kedi Istanbul
I can’t say it enough but I really like they way people take care of the street animals in this city. Both cats in the photos are the ones I take care off. The first one is always hanging around in front of Nevzat’s salon and the last one is Mr. Kedi who often comes to visit me when Nevzat isn’t home. Nevzat doesn’t like to have cats from the street inside our apartment, but I just can’t resist this cutie.



Turkey Food

Turkish Food

Dinner Turkey
Living in a foreigner country means a lot of trouble with food. I always miss products from the Netherlands and I can crave for food I don’t even like that much. It’s kinda weird. What is even more weird is that Nevzat is having the same problems. Sometimes he doesn’t want to eat any Turkish food and is begging me to make something Dutch or Italian. We had dinner at his brother’s place this week and Nevzat, who is absolutely a meat-lover, just couldn’t eat the meat because he missed the meat we have in the Netherlanders. It’s so intresting so see how big of an influence food actually has on people.

Turkish Kahve
I still can’t make a proper Turkish coffee after years of living in this country..

I don’t actually remember when I took this photo, but it was the last time I wore a jacket. I started to pack my bag for my trip to The Netherlands and my brother just told me that I should bring at least a summer jacket. Damn, I was so happy to finally get rid of that thing..

Istanbul Sun

Sunny Days

Spring Istanbul
I mean look at the weather, it’s just awesome! Although it officially is not yet spring, I feel like summer already has arrived here.

Elit Kuafor Istanbul
Oh yes, I went again.. This time just for a cut, don’t worry!

Keune Shampoo Care Line
I’m actually taking really good care of my hair lately. I got this shampoo and a conditioner from the same line from Keune and it’s really good. I wrote a review about it that will come online next week. And that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing last week; writing, writing and writing. Because I will go to The Netherlands this week I wanted to work ahead a bit so I can enjoy some free time with friends and family while being there. I hope the weather won’t be too bad, haha.

What are your plans this week?

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  • Het lijkt mij vreselijk voor iedereen in het land en mensen die daar zijn. Wonen in een andere land heeft zeker voor- en ook nadelen, zeker wat eten betreft. Ik begrijp er alles van.

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