Picture Monday #37 March

Easter Eggs


Chocolade Pasen
Happy Easter everyone! May you have a great day filled with joy and lots of yummy Easter eggs! Here in Istanbul there is not a lot of Easter festivity, Easter eggs are almost impossible to find and not as good as back home, so I was really happy with a whole basket filled with Easter chocolates that my parents gave us last week when they were here for a visit. I managed to leave them untouched until yesterday, but by the time I’m writing this I must admit that the basket is almost empty..

Electricity DIY

My parents where here only for a few days and there was not much to do for them in the city itself since there was a big terror treat. Lucky for us, because now my dad had the change to spend his holidays in the salon to fix some things, haha.

Turkije Terrorisme

The past few weeks there has been an intense grey cloud hanging over Istanbul. It makes me so extremely sad to see Istanbul like this. Istanbul is one of the largest and busiest cities in the world. It is bizarre and terribly sad to see the city is now so empty. Because that is what is is: extinct. It might be hard to imagine, but a vibrant city with traffic jams at three o’clock at night, queues to get into the Metro buses and no ability to pass people on the street, the same city now turned into a deserted village. Shopping malls are empty, you can count the people on the streets and even on the weekend there was no traffic on the roads. We get emails with warnings of embassies and consulates all the time, foreign institutions are closing there doors, events are cancelled, we get messages from friends and family to ask if we are safe, expats inform each other on precautions, invents and even short cuts to avoid crowded places, and everywhere you look is either police, army or any other kind of security. It`s the order of the day and it is about to get normal.

Many people in Europe only complain about refugees and don`t want to see what’s really going on. Cinema, shopping and holidays are still the order of the day over there. That’s where most people want to think about. And believe me, I get it. But the fact is that the world is becoming increasingly dangerous and you can not continue to ignore that. This week als in Belgium attacks have taken place. If this continues, then terrorism soon also will be the order of the day in Europe. And then you won’t wonder what kind of lipstick you can buy yourself. No, you will ask yourself which route you have to walk in order to get home.

#AntiTerrorism #FightTerrorism #PrayForTheWorld

Turks Eten

Turkish Table Setting

Turkish Soup

Turkish Food

Turkish Meat

We had a nice family dinner with mine and Nevzat’s his family. Look at all this delicious food! And look at my very charming head, hahaha. I like Turkish food a lot in this way, as you probably can imagine. It`s just that.. well you don`t need to eat for the rest of the week after having dinner with Turks. It’s so much. And after they’ve literally stuffed you until you can’`t move any more, they will serve you tea. And fruit. And baklava. And ice-cream. Ah well, who cares about a kilo or ten extra?

Bread Sticks Papa Johns

Papa John`s Mozzerella Sticks
And when dad said that he wanted to treat us on a pizza, we happily said yes to another five kilo extra. Of course.. I mean who can say no to a Papa John`s night in, right?

Krullen Elit Kuafor
I had my hair curled by Nevzat his brother. And I had my hair colour changed as well. Again. I really don’t know what I want because now it`s blonde, I want it brown. Or maybe grey again. I really have to make a perminent decision because if I continu like this I won’t have any hair left in a few months.

Cosmetic Wholesale Istanbul

Cupcake Knife Set Erosista

Handmade Soap Erosista

Glass Markers Shoes Erosista
Before my parents came I was really busy with my webshop EROSISTA. I want to change to concept and not only sell lingerie and lounge wear. I’m still working on it, but I’ve already add some nice new products including this awesome glass markers and cupcake knife set which is already sold out by now. I will also add handmade and natural soaps, I have found the most cutest little factory that makes everything by hand and besides looking food, let me assure you that they also do really smell very good.

Selfie Istanbul
Hi there!

Fish Turkey



We had a really nice evening with some friends coming over. Dila made some fish and we had lots of fruits, cheese and raki. Yakub brought his guitas and played some songs for us, from which you can see a small clip on myy Instagram. And for the only person who drank just a glass or two, I did a pretty good job at taking horrible photos. This four are the only ones out of a hundred where you can actually see something on it.

Mr Kedi Istanbul
Yeah sure, just take a nap in the doorway of an entire building and make a sad face when I wake you up, because I needed to go out. I mean why not?

Door Cat Istanbul
Caught you there!

Roof Istanbul
Can you imagine this is your roof? I wonder if it’s waterproof..

Istanbul Meciciyekoy

Eminonu Istanbul Streets

Eminonu Istanbul View
I love this city.

Lavazza Coffee

Since I did the I Love Sleeping Challenge I actually drink less coffee a day, but there is nothing better then a good espresso to start the day.

Tekening Skelet
Look how cool this is. The girlfriend of my brother draw this just out of boredom so can you imagine what else she can make.. I’m going to ask her to make a nice piece for in my hall I think.

Okay guys, wish me good luck this week because I’m already stressed out and I feel like there aren’t enough hours in a week. I was invited for a small get-away in Antalya but I just don’t have the time to go and that kinda makes me sad because I’ve never been there before. I ‘m going to try and get a new residence permit which will probably take me ages. I also have loads of work to do for my blog, webshop and some side projects- with deadlines. And I have plannend a coffee date with Ruta. I also really need to buy my ticket for the Netherlands before they become really expensive. That`s the first thing I will do now, yes. I’m rambling, but I can make better use of my time. Byeee. Have a nice week you all!

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