Picture Monday #36 March

Chocolate Ulker

Islak Kek

I have some serious cravings for chocolate lately. I actually ate two of those chocolate bars and half of the Islak kek which Ksenia brought. Islak kek means literately wet kek and it`s so good. Oh, and I also eat bread with chocolate sprinkles every day for over a week now and it`s just not enough. I need chocolate. Lot`s of chocolate. What`s wrong with me?


Spring is on its way! So happy that I’m finally able to wear skirts again.

Rice Seaweed

Rice with seaweed and sesame. It`s really delicious, but Nevzat doesn’t like seaweed at all, even the smell of it makes him gag. So it makes me very satisfied when Nevzat doesn’t eat at home and the Asian girl inside of me can go nuts.

Grey Hair


I promised some photos of my new hair and I was actually planning on doing a post on it. But you know..
there are these days that I`m just not photogenic at all. And a DSLR seems to make it only more awful. Why is that anyway? I ended up deleting all of the photos we took with my DSLR, so this ones from my phone is all you get. Sorry.. Blame it on my head.

Elit Kuafor

Hair Curls Istanbul

Do you see the difference in colour with the previous photos? The colour of my hair is either grey, blond or brown depending on the lights. I adore it.

Istanbul Bills

Paying Bills Istanbul

Rent Istanbul

New Appartment

We were kinda really late with paying the rent and the bills for last month, so it was really about time. It`s so weird for me that nobody cares. Neither our landlord nor our real estate agency would call us to say: “Hey, you should come over here. You are two weeks late on paying the rent”. The same goes for the bills, I believe you have about three months time to pay before they will cut off your water, gas or electricity. I just don’t get used to it and I always get a bit nervous when we are late with paying something. I would like to move by the way. The last photo is of a building where our real estate agency showed me an appartement. However, it doesn’t meet my needs and I don’t think that we’ll be able to find an appartement that does, but it’s good to keep an eye open.

Streetanimals Food Istanbul

I’ve never seen this before, but I think it’s awesome.

Blog Photo

Product Photos Blog

I spent most of my time this week taking product photos for Bohalista.

Istanbul Police

Police Istanbul

Istanbul Prision

Police Turkey

Turkey Police

And I spent a whole day at the police station because I`m being sued, I make not making a joke, for throwing water in a guy’s face. This happend back in September. The guy was assaulting me over and over again and when I told him to f*ck off he just laughed at me. When he noticed that I was with Nevzat he just started to act very aggressive towards both of us and then he and his friends attacked us and we ended up in a pretty big fight. So, yeah I might have splashed some water around. I didn’t know the guy sued me nor that it was even possible to sue someone for throwing water in ones face, but yeah.. dude, are you serious? And yes, I got a guided tour and took some sneaky photos… I was just very curious and thought that you guys might be wondering as well what a Turkish police station looks like.


We had a small party on Saturday and I drank way too much wine. I’m not even allowed to drink alcohol so it was kinda stupid to drink wine in the first place, but sometimes I really miss it. I thought I could handle a few glasses, but apparently I can’t and now I feel really horrible. Ah well, it’s my own fault. I hope I`ll feel better soon since I still have quite a lot things to do this week and I really want to enjoy the sun as well.

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