Picture Monday #35 February


Turkish Bankaccounts Is Bankasi

Insurance Health Turkey


Criminal Record

This is basically my week in a nutshell: papers, paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork. Oh, and: waiting, waiting and more waiting. I’ve travelled all over Istanbul from one institute to another to collect all documents I need to renew my residence permit. It all went very easy actually, it just took me a whole lot of time.

Residence Permit Appointment

The only one small problem was the application itself. The system wouldn’t recognize my information and I was not able to apply for renewal of my residence permit. I was also not able to apply for a new residence permit after the police told me to so because they didn’t know how to help me. After a few days and a lot of phone calls later I finally found someone who could tell me that they had changed the system once again. He helped me with filling in my application as well and now I have an appointment in April.. I even have to be there in person for an interview and I need to collect even more papers. How could I even think that something would be easy in this country?



Even in this big city it`s possible to encounter people on the street. Caught by a friend on my way to the palace of justice, haha.

Istanbul Adalat Sarayi

It`s such a huge building, I was kinda lost inside of it. I’ve never been in a palace of justice before so I found it very interesting.

No Electricity Candles

Power cut Turkey

The story of my life in Turkey. We had no electricity for the second time this week. This was actually in the building of the salon so we lit some candles in the staircase. How romantic.

Mosque Istanbul

Sunny Days Istanbul
Sunny days!

Locked Out Cat
I found Mr. Kedi in our windowsill on my way out.

Even though I`m living in this crazy city for years now, I still find skyscrapers very impressive.

Fuller House Series

Fuller House

Yes! Fuller House has finally arrived, and I’ve watched all episodes immediately. I’ve missed the Tanner family and I hope we will see more of them!

Nohut Yemegi


Turkish Food


Nevzat’s grandmother is in town and that means food, food, food! She prepared all of my favourite Turkish dishes.

Coffee Morning
I can’t start my day properly until I have a coffee.

Lunch Turkish
Lunch with Semra. I’ve never eaten this soup before and I don’t know why. It`s green lentil soup and it`s absolutely delicious


Turkish Food Pogaca
I really, really like poğaça.

Colour Mixing Hairdresser

Masterclass HairColouring
One of Nevzat’s closest friends is one of the best hairdressers in Turkey. He flies all over the world to attend seminars in order to learn the latest trends and techniques so he can teach this to hairdressers in Turkey. He offered to do my hair and he dyed it in just twenty minutes. Of course they took a advantage of it in the salon and even costumers stayed to see the result. My hair is now so beautiful, but I`m not really sure what colour I should call it. Depending on the light it looks either brown, blond or grey. He wasn’t to pleased about it himself and he wants to do it over in two weeks, but I’m so happy that I don`t want to change a thing! I will show you some photos of the result this week.

This was one of the most boring weeks ever I think. It`s so frustrating to deal with Turkish bureaucracy and I`m really not good at dealing with it. I`m happy I finally got my appointment, even though it is only in April and I need to do so much things that I don`t even know where to start. Luckily I have some more time now, haha. I didn`t really focus on my webshop last week so that is what I`m going to try to do this week. What are you plans?

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