Picture Monday #34 February

It`s interesting how living in another country changes you, not only mentally but also in the taste of food. On of the things I missed most when we were in The Netherlands was Pogača. Kinda of the way I do miss Dutch cheese when I`m in Turkey. I`m definitely torn between two countries. And, oh so spoiled.

Turkey Weather February
The weather is so nice. So nice. I`m not kidding you when I tell you that I`ve walked around in just a t-shirt all day. In February yes. It`s not really common for this time of the year, so I really enjoyed it.

Ela Macka Nisantasi Istanbul
Pretty, isn’t it? And yes, I`m trying to make you jealous here, muhaha.

Valentine Tree Istanbul

Valentine Decoration Tree IstanbulMe and Nevzat didn’t celebrate Valentine`s day this year, so it was just a normal day for us, but this was how the city looked. It`s really nice I think!

And two days later it was my birthday which I also didn’t celebrate. I basically got all of my presents already in The Netherlands and I didn’t feel like giving a birthday party so there was just chocolate cake. Really delicious chocolate cake.

Cake Birthday

Cake Chocolate

Strawberry Cake


Chocolate Pie

Chocolate Cake
A lot of really delicious chocolate cake..

Hi there!

Trying to make sneaky photos of the simitçi which didn’t really work out, haha. I do have so much respect for this people though, can you imagine yourself walking around like this all day?

Power Cut Turkey
We had power cuts again this week. Suddenly our world looked like this.

No Electric Turkey

Cosy Night
But I`m prepared and just see it as reason for a cosy night in. Well, that`s a lie. It is frustrating and enjoying and I only got used to it. Nothing more, haha.

I Love Sleep Challenge
I`m preparing for the I Love Sleep Challenge in co-operation with Living Comfort. It`s basically getting aware of your sleep patterns and living a more healthy lifestyle, but it`s definitely a challenge! I will tell you all about it in March.

We now have a special department for refugees from Syria at the foreign police station.

Because well, this is now reality and topic of the day. And it makes me extremely sad.

Feeding Cats Istanbul
Luckily there is still a lot positivity too. This guy is feeding the cats of the street. A lot of Turkish people do so and I really admire it.

Hair Colour Grey
I went to the hairdresser and changed the colour of my hair drastically.

That also means I needed to change the colour of my eye-brows but that didn’t end up very well. Look at those black stripes that ment to be eye-brows, hahaha.

Grey Hair Colour

It`s really difficult to capture to colour on a picture, but the roots are black and then it goes into a nice warm grey/silver. It looks really amazing and I got a ridiculous amount of compliments from strangers. A few girls even wanted to touch my hair. Unfortunately the colour didn’t last very well so I`ll have to dye it again in a week or two.

This week I’ve quite a lot of things to do for my blog and webshop. I also have to renew my residence permit and since they’ve changed all the rules, I don’t even know where to start. It’s probably going to take up all my time this week and that means a lot of waiting at authorities. We are in Turkey after all.. So wish me luck, haha. What are your plans for this week?

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