Picture Monday #33 February

Computer Scan
I have had a strange week with quite a few technical problems. My laptop kinda decide to live a life of its own and it seriously took me a whole day to try and fix it. The result? Well,, nothing. My keyboard is not working as it should be and my screen sometimes just turns dark without a reason. And I can not figure out why. My mobile phone has also been very kind this last week as a lot of pictures have disappeared for no reason at all. I love technology and cannot imagine a life without it, but sometimes… GRRR.

Turkije Huis

Huizen Bouwen Turkije
This is next to our building and I find everything about it really scary. I wonder if our building was constructed in the same way and if so, I wonder if it is about time to move.. In addition, the construction workers have also destroyed the whole staircase and it is terrifying to walk down the stairs. Well, it is okay as long as I do not look down, but still..

Mr. Kedi

Kedi Iki
At least the cats of the street now have a nice place to enjoy some sunbathing, haha.

Home Sweet Home
Do you know the feeling of total laziness? Me and Nevzat have both been quite busy last week and this is how our living room looked like for a week. Yes, also the curtains has been like this for a week. I did not even noticed it.

Until one day you realize it is not just the living room that looks like this, but it is your whole apartment. Yeah, that means it is about time to have a big cleaning.


Gaviscon helps relieve heartburn and acid indigestion and works so good. It is really the best thing ever. I know it is not healthy to use too much, but I kinda wish I could just drink it because it tastes so good.

HEMA Make and Bake Cookies
I baked HEMA Make & Bake cookies and they were delicious! You can check them out here.

I also made spring rolls and they were really, really good. I wanted to post them in a recipe on my blog, but they do not look very appetizing at all so I have to make them again I guess. Well, I don`t mind!

I think that I eat too much pasta.

The weather is so nice in Istanbul. You can definitely not see it here, but we have so much sun the last week that it really feels like spring. I love it!

This are the packagings of the own brand of A101, a Turkish budget supermarket. I think they are so cool that it is actually the only reason to do my grocery shopping over there. Okay, and maybe because it is budget and very close to home as well.

Unfortunately I do not have more photos due some weird problems with my phone, but I will try my best for next week. This week is going to be quite a busy week because I have to renew my residence permit. Exiting, exiting. What are your plans for this week?

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