MEGA Picture Monday #32 February

This is part two of MEGA Picture Monday where you can see what I`ve been up to last months. As I`ve said in the previous post, which you can see by clicking here, we`ve spent the last couple of months in The Netherlands. It has been a crazy time with so much things going on. I`ve also said that being back in Istanbul hasn`t been easy for me and I would like to mention that this has nothing to do with this city or my life here. I am really happy to be back, but you know, sometimes reality sneaks up on you and you have to deal with it, no matter where in the world you are. It`s okay. Anyway, I`m rambling a lot. It might be best to just continue where I`ve left off last week, haha.

We planned on celebrating Sinterklaas. This is a traditional Dutch holiday and I`m sure you can find all about it on Google if you want to know more. Unfortunately we weren`t able to celebrate Sinterklaas after all, and Nevzat now still doesn`t have a clue about what was going on, haha, but I was very happy with my letter made of chocolate. They are so good!

Happy Birthday Kaarsen
We celebrated Nevzat`s birthday. We`ve never stayed abroad this long before and this time he really needed to adapt and adjust to the Dutch way of living. So this was his first `Dutch` birthday and I think he really enjoyed it. It is so enjoyable to see someone experience a new country and another culture.

If you know me even just a little bit than you know that I do love Christmas. I`ve written so much blog posts about Christmas this year and I must admit that I`ve written some of them back in august already, haha. I was really looking forward on spending Christmas in the Netherlands, because we don`t have a lot of festive activities going on in Istanbul during december. Istanbul is most beautiful decorated with lights and if we are lucky, there is even snow, but it is not exactly winter wonderland and I don`t think someone ever heard of the Christmas spirit in this country.

I think this is just a very lovely Christmas tree.

Bubble Camera HEMA
I was very pleased to do my Christmas shopping in the Netherlands, as you probably can see. I bought this little fish-eye lens from HEMA for my dad and it think it`s really cool.

Christmas dinner.

Christmas presents.

Kerstcadeau`s uitpakken
We got really nice presents for Christmas, but Nevzat he got literally spoiled so much. It was quite ridiculous actually and also the reason that we didn`t have enough kilos on our way back, haha. Nevzat always reminds me of a magpie, haha. He really likes to collects things, especially things of little value, and doesn`t use his presents for a long time but just keeps them all together. Even now we`re back home most of his present are still standing like a little presentation on our cupboard. I think it is the reason why everyone like to give him presents, because he really gets so exited and happy.

Cognac drinken

Likeur Cognac

Cognac Likeur

Sara and Matija came to visit us for a few days. Sara is absolute one of my most favourite people in this world, she is really amazing and I love her so much. I feel blessed to have friends like this. I really do. We weren`t able to spend a lot of time, but both me and Nevzat were really happy to see them in Amsterdam and can`t wait for summer when we will see them again! On the photos Sara, Matija and Nevzat were drinking a typical Dutch cognac and it was absolutely hilarious.



Bedankjes Erosista

Erosista Pyjamas

Wachten Markt

Ingebouwd in de auto

Volle Auto


Pathe Ladiesnight

Ladiesnight Pathe
I`ve spent most of my time on EROSISTA and tried to really kick off my little company. We`ve attended a few Christmas markets and fairs here and there, we were presented in the Pathè Cinemas and even got a stand on their ladiesnight. It`s so difficult to set up a company and it needs so much time and dedication. There is still a long and bumpy road to go, but I`m so damn proud! I truly believe that if you really want something and work for it you, you will be able to achieve your dreams. Just don`t give up. I am very thankful for the help of family, friends and colleagues, because without them it wouldn`t have been possible to do some of the things we did. I mean, look at how I am sitting in the car haha. But it is all so worth it, because one day I hope I am able to make my living like this and look back on these days with a big smile on my face. And if not, well at least I will be able to say that I`ve tried and learnt a few great life lessons.

Productfoto`s maken
The time that I didn`t spent on EROSISTA, I have mostly spent on taking pictures, pictures and more pictures.

Morning Amsterdam
Goodmorning Amsterdam. I`ve missed you.

Look at this cutie, isn`t she adorable?

Another cutie!

Louis Vuitton Catalog
The new catalogue from Louis Vouitton.

Louis Vouitton
I must say that the collection is most exiting, if only I had enough money..

Snow in Istanbul

Istanbul Snow Traffic

Sun The Netherlands
Can you imagine that I`ve got the first two pictures from Turkey sent on Whatsapp while we were having weather in the Netherlands as on the last picture?

I think this is such a good invention. You can fill the cups with coffee of your choice and then use it in your Nespresso machine.

New Year`s


Vuurwerk afsteken



New Year`s Eve

We`ve spent New Year’s Eve at a friends house which was really nice. We had lots of food and drinks and made a little party with music from the 90`s. And at 00.00 we went outside to watch the fireworks. We also tried the beauty filter on Nevzat`s new phone, which is absolutely ridiculous, haha. I totally look like an alien and that`s not even because of the weird faces that I make.


Zwaluwhoeve Sauna

After so much partying it was time to relax, so we went to the Zwaluwhoeve, a sauna and wellness resort. It was actually an early birthday present for me and Nando`s, but the timing was perfect. It`s really a nice resort. They kinda had/have a bad name and tough the food is not very special, very overpriced and the service really bad, the resort itself has really improved and is actually really good for a pamper day. Oh, and I totally want such a thing as in the last picture. I kinda forgot the name in Dutch and I don`t know it in English I think. Is it a lounger?

I really liked this hat and regret it so much that I didn`t buy it.


Bye Bye!




Borek Istanbul



And then we were back in Istanbul. And eating food again.

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