Stories and Thoughts

The naked truth. Unapologetically.

This is the place where I write about personal experiences. Here I write about things that have happened to me and the people around me. About my life as an expat and about things that keeps me up at night without any specific reason.  It’s really about all things personal. My stories and thoughts. I try to stay close to myself though and give you the naked truth. Unapologetically. Although.. I wish I was brave enough to make that statement true. Yet, as soon as I think: “this will be published”, there’s always something that makes my writing calculated and deliberate. I also might make some kind of political statement in some of my articles, because well.. this world is just so damn fucked up. But even though I can’t help the need to express myself in a unnecessary manner at times, I always pay my respects to anyone who thinks differently. I would never want to offend anyone, ever. In fact, it just the love to debat about anything that matters in life. So I invite you to do so, of course as long as it’s done respectfully!