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People, things, literature, music, fashion, beauty, cinema, food, nature and.. – the world is so beautiful, so diverse and so rich, simply throbbing with exquisite treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Here you can find all of my other interests, that I can not place into any other category. So take you time and get to know me through TAGS and Q&A’s, see what’s on my monthly wishlists (small and big. cheap and expensive), and take a peek into my dreams! And please, leave some comments on the questions at the end of some of the articles. Because I like to get to know you as well!

Just Dutch Tag

De “Just Dutch Tag” is bedacht door Marieke en moest ik natuurlijk wel invullen. Ik voel me meer dan ooit een “echte wereldburger”, zowel in de vorm van kosmopolitisme als in mondiaal burgerschap, maar ik…

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