Wishlist May 2017: Spring into summer with dresses and pineapple print!

Wishlist May 2017: Spring into summer with dresses and pineapple print!

I seriously can’t wait until summer, it keeps me busy so much to find the perfect summer dress! During my search on the internet I came across a webshop with a huge collection of perfect dresses. Either if you’re looking for a punk dress, in the search for a chic, long lace dress or a bohemian maxi dress, they seriously have everything! I wish I’d a tree-hundred dollar coupon, because I’ve seen quite a few dresses to fill up some empty space in my wardrobe. Uhh, I mean.. I can always make space for some more clothing, haha.

Above you see a few of my favs, all very high on my wishlist at the moment. I love the one down on the left side in particularly so much! I was about to order this one, but unfortunately this be-au-ty is sold out in my size. I’m definitely keeping my eye on it though, because I feel we’ll make a great match! All items on this wishlist are from Rosegal by the way. But I can’t help it! I never knew about this webshop until recently and I’m so glad I discovered it. It’s very similar to Asos, but much, much cheaper. And they have a very big choice of products, even mermaid plaids! And amazing mermaid brushes, which you might not see above, but are definitely on my wishlist as well. I just wanted to look a bit modest on the world wide web. Anway, I might place an order at Rosegal and write a review about it since I’m very curious about their products. Especially about those matte lipsticks that costs only $1.71 a piece and are available in so many colours. It’s almost impossible to choose. I’ll just wait a little to see if they get that be-au-ty back in stock. Let me know what you think!

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