Sephora Wonderful Cushion Foundation

Many of you might already familiar with cushion makeup since it’s no longer something new, but becoming a rather huge part of the makeup scene. But for those who have no idea what I’m talking about, let me do a quick catch-up. Cushion makeup is simply a product with a cushion-y sponge that’s saturated with a fluid or cream which you can dab into with a sponge, brush or even your fingers for application. Cushion makeup is not only available as foundation but also spawning a new range of eyeliners, concealers, primers, lip colors and so on. Inspired by the Korean beauty world, cushion makeup has now finally made its way to the west. All the western cosmetic brands are coming up with the cushion technology and there is lots to discover. Sephora’s Wonderful Cushion Foundation is one of two new cushion makeup products that Sephora launched for Spring 2016 and definitely one of my favorite products of the year!



The Sephora Wonderful Cushion Foundation is the first, mistake-proof cushion foundation in the Sephora Collection. It states to instantly even, smooth, fresh and naturally radiant result that last all day and to moisturize and perfect your complexion with a natural, satin finish. It provides build-able light to medium coverage that doesn’t cake with re-application. It’s enriched with pure pigments, soft focus agents and gel filler, and contains hyaluronic acid and albizia extract that smooth and moisturize the skin. It’s dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic.




Well, it’s all true! This cushion foundation is an extremely light product that really gives an instantly even, smooth, fresh and naturally radiant result. It’s amazing how natural it feels on my skin, as if I don’t wear any makeup at all and yet it gives me sufficient coverage. And if you need more coverage you can easily build it up without getting that cakey effect. It blends perfectly with my skin. I’m absolutely loving this formula, it’s truly moisturizing and allows my skin to breathe! It’s also really long lasting without getting greasy for such a light formula. Since it gives a light to medium coverage this foundation makes it a perfect product for everyday use if you like to cover your imperfections in a more natural way. Though, if you are looking for full coverage, I would’t recommend this product.



The foundation comes in a simple, dual lid compact. Once opened you’ll find a mirror and a sponge with a secondary lid that snaps closed over the cushion sponge immersed in foundation. When squeezing it gives the perfect amount of foundation to apply. I also find the package super convenient and handy to carry around for retouching during the day. The Sephora Wonderful Cushion Foundation is available in six shades: 14 Soft Beige, 20 Cream, 25 Beige, 30 Sand, 33 Walnut and 35 Bronze at all Sephora stores nationwide and online.

What’s your favoriete cushion makeup?

PS: Sorry for the pics, I totally forgot to make them when I just purchased the product :/

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