Favourite: L’Oreal Pure Reds Lipstick in Blake’s Shade

By Blake L'Oréal Paris Collection Exclusive

Lipstick Blake

Blake L'Oréal Paris Collection Exclusive

I think we all know how much I love a red lipstick. You can wear them all year round and they are good for occasion. I have quite a few red shades in my stash and most of them are matte shades because I think matte is just more wearable, longer lasting and it is easier to avoid smudging. I do have my preferences when it comes to red lipstick, but my favourite of this moment is absolutely the L’Oréal Collection Exclusive Pure Reds by Blake Lively. I got this one as a present from Nevzat and I just adore it.

L'Oréal By Blake

L'Oréal Paris Collection Exclusive By Blake

L'Oréal Paris By Blake Collection Exclusive

Blake’s Red is one of the several red lipstick shades that L’Oreal has introduced with their Collection Exclusive Pure Reds Lipstick Collection for Spring 2015. It`s a limited edition, but still available in many stores. The colour is absolutely amazing. Altough it has been created as a cool lipstick and it is perfect for blondes with cool skin undertones, I think most of us can rock this shade since it is a very traditional and classic red. I love the package. It feels and looks very luxury I think.

Lipstick By Blake

L'Oréal Paris By Blake

It is quite a bright shade and has a satiny matte finish. You can wear this lipstick either at day or night. It kinda feels like a lip balm and it`s pretty moisturising due the use of jojoba. It doesn’t dry your lips out and it stays on for a very long time. I can easily wear it up to 5/6 hours without needing a touch up. I also like the shape of the lipstick, it has a nice shape and a precise point so it is easy to apply without necessarily needing a lip liner or lip pencil and it doesn`t smudge, not even after eating or drinking.

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