The girl
She is an 28 years young girl named Nena. She is a wanderer, a dreamer, a coffee and wifi addict and a little bit crazy. Okay, I might as well be honest: she is totally nuts. Seriously: plain weird. Some may even wonder if she is from another planet, but no worries. She lived in Italy (her great love) and Turkey, but is now based in Bulgaria. Though, she still spends a lot of her time in the Netherlands, where she is made. Her personality can best be described as complex, although she would call it unpredictability herself. She gets bored very easily and loves change. Dull repetitive routines bores her to death and she hates the idea of just doing the same thing every single day. Her interests are very diverse as well. She is a skincare junkie, an animal lover and her heart starts to beat faster at anything Chanel. But hey, whose heart does not? She also loves to read and spend her time (nonstop) in bed with films, series and chocolate. But then again: who does not? She has a rebellious side and a big imagination, loves to discuss politics and humanitarian principles and checks the news at least sixty times a day. Life is just better with music and she could not live without it. She is a sponge for new knowledge and always on the hunt for new ideas. Wickedly sarcastic also suits her very well, something that comes so naturally that she doesn’t even realise it half the time. A bad habit of hers is overthinking things way more than she should. She can be over analysing things to the point where she feel incredibly stressed and anxious only to realise later that it wasn’t even that big of a deal in the first place. She can be quite emotional without showing it, which might be another bad habit.

She loves to travel more than anything in the world. She needs it because of the mental stimulation and crave for the rich and varied experiences that travel has to offer. She is a free spirit, has a very open mind and if she could, she would be a gypsy for sure. Travel is life changing and makes everybody a more awesome person and a better human, in every kind of way.

Beauty and fashion

She is not a crowd follower and likes to be unique and rebellious. Her style changes from day to day, depending on her mood. Rock chick, boho-chic, casual, preppy, punk, tomboy.. she likes it all! Preferably with a twist because she likes to be different. If there would exist a rehab for people whom are addicted to shoes, lingerie&nightwear and socks&tights, she would definitely needed a treatment. She loves classic beauty and her beauty signature is definitely a red lip. Her biggest struggles related to beauty are her Asian roots inherited from her Indonesian dad. We’re talking about her in-between skin colour that has a total different skin tone than it is supposed to have, super straight hair that doesn’t curl, even more straight eyelashes that curl even less, uneven eyelids and a never ending fight with her eyebrows. What better way to express yourself through fashion and beauty? It’s a form of personal identity and a way to express yourself. But although she loves fashion and beauty very much, she thinks there are way more important things in this world than to worry about it too much, though.

She is a hungry person that likes to eat about anything. Yet, there are many things she doesn’t like such as mushrooms, Belgian sprouts, eel, herring, sauerkraut, chicken drumsticks, red cabbage, black peas, sausages, snails, oysters and the structure of most kinds of meat. Her favourites are pizza, pasta, fish, anything with or made out of cheese, more pizza, soup, anything Mexican, anything Asian and anything with rice in general. Did I already say that she loves cheese? She loves it very, very much. Most probably because her Dutch roots.. Food not only provides nourishment, but simply makes life more enjoyable. Food provides comfort, brings families and friends together and is always present at special occasions. By the way: she loves pizza almost a much as cheese. And that’s a lot!

Random facts
“I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying”.

  • Could eat peanut butter with every meal for every single day of her life
  • Is scared of all insects
  • Loses cups of coffee on a regular basis
  • Is a super good swimmer
  • Loves anything interior related and wish it somehow was her profession